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              Welcome to Dengguan Medical

              This is the ambition of all the DENGGUAN people. Also referce the complay spirit -- Self-discipline and positive upward.

              Life is so short, May action, may inaction, be or not to be only one word different. But it reflects the outlook differences on life and values, NO reason for DENGGUAN people to being merely mediocre. We must be the leader of the life bravery. Think who can not think, Do what other person can not do. Standing the prow, enjoying shuttle the seething waves.

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                Jiangsu Dengguan Medical Treatment Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a modem company specialized in the R and D, manufacturing and distribution of medical apparatus, The company enjoys good market in and out abroad. The products can be divided into...
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                Add: No.17 Danfeng West Road,Jintan City
                P.C.: 213200